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Progression of grain harvest: wheat & barley (2019)

Scott Hucker

Oldest entries at the bottom, latest harvest at the top.

August 11

Ble' Du Acorr Wheat (W58)

August 4

Solina Wheat (75), last cutting

August 1

Fulcaster Wheat (W59), last cutting


Rogue de Bordeuz (W48), last cutting

Ukrainka Wheat (W40), last cutting



July 30

Black Emmer (W42)

Blue Emmer (W42)

Fall White Einkorn (W42)

Kastaka Wheat (W81)

Red Clawson Wheat (W36)

Solina Wheat (W75)

Timopheevii Wheat (W56)

Unter (W52)

Vig Wheat (W78)

WA 5841 GRIN Wheat (W79)

White Einkorn (W41)

July 21

Fulcaster Wheat (W59)

Red May (W72)


July 20

Bascka Wheat (W77)

Bere Barley Fall (B08)

Kost Wheat GRIN 1 & 2 (W81)

Maris Wigeon What (W54)

"Mystery" 2-row Michigan Barley

Plainsman V Wheat (W57) from GLSS, last

Plainsman V Wheat (W57) from GRIN, last

Red Clawson Wheat (W39)

Solina Wheat (W75)

Ukranka Wheat (W40)

VIg. Wheat (W78)

Wheat (W76)

July 19

Barley (B63)

Barley (B34)

Barley (B37) last

Barley (B66)

Bere Barley (B08)

Karan 16 Barley (B03) mix

Naked Food Barley 111-621 Barley (B19)

Naked Food Barley 113-204 (B04)

Sumire Mochi Barley (B06)

Valsergerste Barley (B44) last bundle

Yavaros 79 Wheat (W23) 


July 18

Bere Barley (B08)

Faust Barley (B07)

Hourani Wheat (W64)

Karan 16 Barley (B03) mix

Michigan South Short Wheat

Plainsman V Wheat (W57) from GLSS

Plainsman V Wheat (W57) from GRIN

Robust Barley (B01)

Sangaste Rye (R03)

Sardinian Barley (B27) last of the Fall Planted

Sardinian Barley (B27)  Spring Planted

Wheat (W35) Tillers > 20 stems

Wheat (W79)

July 14

Bere Barley (B08)

Fall planted Calypso Barley (B52)

Phoenix Wheat (W53)

Karan 16 Barley (B03)

Michigan South Short Wheat (W38)

Plainsman V Wheat (W57-GLSS)

Plainsman V Wheat (W57-GRIN)

Phoenix Wheat (W53)

Robust Barley (B01)


Sangaste Rye

Fall planted Sardinian Barley (B27)

Fall planted SB150 Barley (B51)

Turkey Red Wheat (W44-TI)

Yamhill Wheat (W45)

Fall planted Violette Barley (B53)

Wasu Shu Barley (B14)

Baku Barley (B65)


Swedish Barley (B63?)

Sheba Barley (B63?)



Val (B44)

NFB 113-834 (b23)


Kran 19 (B17)

NFB 111-621 (B19)



July 12

Karan 16 Barley (B03)

Faust Barley (B07)

Bere Barley (B08)

Michigan South Short Wheat (W38)

Blue Durum Wheat (W68)


July 9

Fall planted 'rogue' barley, 6 row, parents unknown




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