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Progression of the upland rice harvest (2020)

Scott Hucker

Oldest entries at the bottom, latest harvest at the top.

Oct 7

Cut the first of the Vialone Risotto Upland Rice.  About 20% of the plot, the north east corner was ready 'enough' to get cut.  At least now I've enough seeds to try again next year. 


Was busy planting winter wheat/barley, and Loto was ready... tomorrow...but the sparrows took it all... very sad.  Seems a very good reasons to not put all your eggs into one basket unless you watch it very closely!


Sept 17

All of the direct seeded Duborskian Upland Rice will be cut and bundled today.

Duborskian Upland Rice

 Duborskian Upland Rice cut, bundled and ready for hanging

Sept 15

I finished cutting the Nigrescens and Kyzyl ShalaUpland Rice.  Looking at the Duborskian, but planting winter grains is taking priority.....


Sept 12

I finished harvesting the Sputnik Upland Rice.  

Reaping the Sputnik Upland Rice by hand


The Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice was ready to begin the harvest.  With a storm coming, I wanted to get half into the barn.


I took this photo to illustrate that Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice doesn't seem to generate the massive tillering that some of the other rices do. Next year, maybe I'll plant them a little closer.


Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice has such an interesting range of panicle colors.

 Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice showing the variation in color of the grain heads/panicles


I also cut some ripe stalks from the Krme and Kon Suito... sadly that are was over run with weeds so the yield was quite low... there's always next year.


Sept 11

I was ready to cut some of the Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice but ran out of sunlight. 

Kyzyl Shala Upland Rice ready for harvesting

I cut two more bundles of Sputnik Upland Rice, say, a dozen plants or so.  They are hanging in the barn.

 I am planning to cut the Primanychskij Upland Rice tomorrow as well.

Primanychskij Upland Rice

Sept 10

This is Nigrescens Upland Rice our first rice to harvest of the season.  The starlings and sparrows seem to love it more than any other rice we've grown. I wasn't ready with any netting for this part of the garden. Notice the broken stems and heads magically stripped of seeds.  The birds mostly attacked the plants along the western edge as it had a better landing strip. This is our first season growing Nigrescens, we'll have to watch to see if birds are problem next year too. 

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Here you can see some nice seeds for us!

Nigrescen Upland Rice with seeds ready for harvest

 I cut 90% of the plot of Nigrescens.  There was a bit on the north end that was not quite as ready...maybe in a few days.

The south end of the Sputnik Upland Rice was ready for harvesting.

 Sputnik Upland Rice

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