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Dellmati Paddy Rice

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Dellmati Rice (Basmati) seeds

(Oryza sativa); Awned; Lowland; Minimum 50 seeds

A basmati type rice developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center in cooperation with the  USDA-ARS, and other southern state Ag. Experiment Stations in the late 1990s, Dellmati is botanically a lowland or paddy rice. It does well for us on our southeast Michigan homestead when grown under upland conditions. Dellmati entered our inventory to satisfy a desire for an aromatic cultivar. Early maturing, panicles thresh easily of their long slender grains. Contains an average amylose content and is non-glutinous.

John Sherck says this of Dellmati:

"It is early maturing for an aromatic rice and had a good yield at 8 1/2 pounds per 100 square foot bed. This is a lowland rice but performed well under upland conditions. The plants reached a height of 2 1/2 feet and had no issues with lodging during periods of heavy rainfall. Dellmati is very aromatic even before cooking. Once cooked, the grains did elongate like basmati rice and had a wonderful flavor and aroma. Traditionally basmati rice is aged for at least one year to improve texture."

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, rice seed is hulled. Rice is planted in its hull but after harvest, that hull must be removed before eating. De-hulling rice is not easily achieved by hand, requiring mechanical assistance such as the Brill De-huller or an electric de-huller.

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