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A Week Later - Same Tune, Different Verse

Eleanor H.

Blustery Michigan March 7thArk of Taste variety White Marrowfat bean cooked with molasses, sriracha and some pork belly...

A week later same tune, different verse- oh the weather outside is frightful (again) but the beans inside (still) delightful - Ark of Taste variety White Marrowfat beans cooked with molasses, sriracha, and some pork belly...

I love cooking with home-harvested pantry beans on a blustery Michigan day. White Marrowfat beans are an excellent choice for pantry staples. Holding their shape, they are satisfyingly "al-dente" yet they also puree well. Productive plants are low-maintenance and well worth space in your garden. No wonder this variety is aboard Slow Food's Ark of Taste!

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