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Is it Time Yet?

Eleanor H.

Is it time yet? Spring is here. We've seen more of the sun. It's definitely warmer. If you are like me, you are eager to get the seeds for peas and other cool season crops in the ground, but is it really the right time yet? The primary determining factor is your soil temperature. We use an inexpensive cooking thermometer to assess soil readiness. Another invaluable tool is a chart from a reputable source, such as a university ag extension, that lists minimum germination temperatures for various crops. We like this chart because not only does it give minimum temperatures and optimal ranges, it lists how many days for emergence at different temperatures. Using this chart, it is reasonable to plant peas which prefer a minimum of 40 degrees (F) but at that temperature it takes 36 days for emergence. Of course, as the soil warms, days to emergence decrease but looking at our extended 10 day forecast (22-48 F with a possible 1 inch of snow!), it doesn't appear the soil will warm enough to have a positive effect. So as tempting as it is to plant now, patience is the more practical coarse. We will still enjoy the nicer weather though through the various spring maintenance tasks to make planting easier when the time does come to put our precious seeds into the ground. For more information:  Gardening from Seeds  And speaking of peas ...

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