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Big Schnozzed Creatures - Friend or Foe?

Eleanor H.

Gonzo & Alf - Friends! Grain Weevil? Eliminate!

Not all big-schnozzed creatures come in peace. Gonzo and Alf? Friends. Grain Weevil? Eliminate!

Just like potato bugs, Japanese beetles, slugs, and aphids, grain weevils are a common threat to those who grow without chemical intervention. The challenge with grain weevils is that the lil boogers are rarely detected until there are visible signs of post harvest grain damage. Despair not though for there is a simple measure to thwart these big-schnozzed but tiny menaces - freeze your grains. After harvest when your grains are cured and threshed, it is recommended they cycle through the freezer for 7-10 days. Even better is if you have the space to keep them in the freezer until planting.

We don't use chemicals and we do freeze our grains as part of our regular post harvest routine. We still suggest you store them in the freezer until ready to plant as once in a blue moon a weevil manages to survive initial freezing.

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