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Tired of Cucumber Beetles? So am I!

Eleanor H.

We seem to have an early abundance of cucumber beetles and I wasn't about to pay what vendors want for disposable cucumber beetle traps - so violà my version of a reusable trap. I attached a plastic tent peg ($0.28) to a plastic food service basket ($0.60), coated the basket with sticky stuff and within mere moments of "installation" it already has an occupant!
Cucumber beetle stuck on a DIY reusable cucumber beetle trap made from a plastic tent peg attached to a yellow plastic food service basket that was coated with a sticky substance.
For a bit over $10 I have twelve!
And instead of tent pegs, if I run a fiberglass pole through a couple baskets arranged at various heights they'd be helpful near trellised squash vines.

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  • I wonder if chickens would find them edible? If so, they would eat a lot of them. Maybe ducks also. And then you get eggs also. :-)


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