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Progression of grain harvest: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale & rice (2021)

Scott Hucker

This blog is for reference from the 2021 growing season only - not all links may work.

Threshing of all planted grains is finished...some spring planted left to do, but, that can happen in November when life slows down.

 Aug 31st

Last of the primary Tartary Buckwheat was cut.   Been harvesting for about 3 weeks, whenever I see stalks getting to the point that the leaves are turning and the seeds looking finished.    Same with the Multi-Hue Quinoa, cut the straggly remains.   I want to plant fall grains in this plot, so I needed to 'move them along'.


July 27th


Alaskan Fall Spelt (Einkorn) (W89)

Black Winter Emmer (TD03)

Hourani Wheat (W64)

Kleiner Nackthafer Hull-less Oats (O09)

Kleiner Nackthafer Hull-less Oats (Small Naked Hull-less Oats)



July 26th

Blue sky, light breeze to keep the mosquitos at bay, my kind of day!

Fall White Einkorn (W41)

Fall Dark Einkorn (W41)

Satanta Wheat (HRW05)

Blue Durum Wheat (W68)

Ilred Wheat (HRW04)

Hillsdale Wheat (SRW04)

Huron Wheat (W17)

Ispahan Emmer Wheat

Ladoga Wheat

Moraccan Frost Durum Wheat (DW15)

Tsiteli Doli Wheat (SRW31)

Sin El Pheel Wheat (W15)

Sun Ray Wheat reminds me of a bug!

Sun Ray Wheat

Kamut Wheat (W65)

Kenosha Wheat (SRW08)

Pemroim Wheat

Petropavlovsky Wheat

Peliss Durum Wheat

Provence Einkorn

Talbot Wheat (SWW12)

White Sonora Wheat (W01)

Excelsior Barley (B48)

Burbank Black Hulless Fall Barley (B79)

Dango Mugi Barley (B28)

Eizzz Hulless Black Barley (B61)

Swedish Barley (B69)

Trysilbygg Barley (B52)

Zeocrithon Barley


Terra Hull-less Oats (O06)

Vicar Oats (O02)


July 25th

Liberty Hull-less Oats (O10) are finished.  Had significant lodging year, however, a creeper weed was trying to pull them down, and, looks like I forgot to thin them to my regular spacing... oops.

Almost forgot my large plot of Sumire Mochi Barley (B06). 

Sumire Mochi Barley

We had over 2 inches of rain yesterday... heavy rain storm

would have been better to cut it before the rain.


July 24th

Black, Blue and White Emmer (W42) are finished.  

Large plot of Alaskan Fall Spelt (Einkorn) (W89-F) 

A second plot of White Emmer (W42)

Spelt (W43)

Maris Wigeon Wheat (W54)

Solina Wheat (W75)

Black Winter Emmer (TD03)

Kazanskij 4 Triticale (XT08)

Warthog Wheat (HRW08)

Jacoby Borstvete Wheat (W101)

Farro Lunga Wheat


NFB 113-204 Barley (B04)

NFB 113-834 Barley (B23)

NFB 111-621 Barley (B19)

Hulless Black Barley




July 23th

Finished the edges of the spring planted Sardinian Barley (B27). 

Three more oats..

Swan Oats (O04)

Nusso Oats (O07)

Mozart Oats (O05)

 Last few days have been garlic digging exercises...

July 20th

Did some cutting before a storm with thunder and lightening came from the North! First of the oats were cut today.

Hulless Oats (O01)

Hulless Oats wait to be cut

Notice, oats are cut before the stems are quite as 'brown and ripe' as wheat or barley would be.  If you wait too long, the oats fall out of the hulls and become bird food.

Fimbul Barley (B86)  Last fall we made a large effort to plant a large number of malting, feed and hull-less barley cultivars to see how they handle our winters.  

Fimbul Barley

Wintermalt Barley (B96)

Wintermalt Barley planted last fall

Georgian Winter Bread Wheat (HRW01)

Michikof Wheat (HRW06)

Tsiteli Doli Wheat (SRW31)

Muenster Wheat (W50)

Ukranka Wheat (W40)


SB Triticale XT749


July 19th

And cutting

Arn Durum Wheat TD547

BDA (W58)

B Tur Durum Wheat TD388

M Kau Durum Wheat TD156

Miss Durum Wheat TD468

Timopheevii Wheat (W56)


Stolz Brauner Winter Kolben Spelz (Spelt) TS665

Spelt (W46)


Blizzard Triticale (XT804)

Kazanskij 4 Triticale XT258

Pushkinskij I Triticale XT865


July 18th

A beautiful sunny and hot day, perfect for cutting grain!

Berkeley Rock Wheat (SRW03)

Blackhawk Wheat (SRW06)

Brazilian Lavras Wheat ()

Cauc Wheat (W104)

Glacier Wheat (SRW07)

Goldcoin Wheat (SWW08)

Macha Wheat (W102)

Marmin Wheat (HRW02)

Minter Wheat (HRW03)

Milagre Wheat (W14)

Nabob Wheat (SRW25)

Nured Wheat (SRW27)

Pennoll Wheat (SRW30)

Phoenix Wheat (W53) is well protected with spikey awns:

Phoenix Wheat

Purkof Wheat (HRW07)

Vermont Read Wheat (W49)


Blizzard Triticale (XT01)

Bokolo Triticale (XT05)

Enduro Triticale (XT02)

Polish Triticale

Salzmunder Bartweizen Triticale (XT04)


Dutchess Barley (B84)

NFB 113-834 Barley (B23)

Shelba Barley (B63)

Trysilbygg Barley (B52) 

Swedish Barley (B69)

Valsergerste Barley (B44)


July 17th

Finished the Sardinian Barley

Lasko Triticale (XT07)

Howell Wheat (SRW09)

Tadina Wheat (W22)

Naked Food Barley 111-621 (B19)

Naked Food Barley 111-585 (B20)

Naked Food Barley 113-204 (B04)

Naked Food Barley 113-545 

Fulcastor Wheat

Dan Barley (B83)

Eve Barley (B85)

Lompoc Barley (B66)

Hulless Popping Barley (AP)

Kamamusi Barley

Frankenmuth Wheat (SWW04)

Prelude Wheat

Alaskan Fall Spelt (Einkorn)

Frederick Wheat (SWW13)

Cervena Winter Wheat (W100)

Saranac Wheat (SWW10) - an OSSI-pledged Soft White Winter variety

Tsiteli Doli Wheat (SRW31)

Muenster (W50)

Khapli Emmer (W83)

Baldrock Wheat (SRW02)

Michigan South Short Wheat (W38)


July 16th

Finished the Bere Barley in the rain.  The plot is 7.5 ft wide (9 rows) and 45 feet long.   I am quite interested to know the yield after threshing later this fall as time permits.  Grains to be planted in the fall get first priority.

Began the spring planted Sardinian Barley (B27)


July 15th

Rain is coming!

Cut about half of the Bere Barley (B08).  This is the first spring planted barley of the season. While the plants were small, I was able to keep the plot weed free.  Once that began to tiller, I stopped weeding.  The result came out as I desired: Barley standing proud over a cover crop of natural 'weeds' which will be mowed after the grain harvested.

Bere Barley waiting to be harvested


Finished the Danko Rye

Schwarzer Winter Grannen Spelz TS693

Bregenzer Roter Spelz (Spelt)  TS JS BRS

Bregenzer Roter Spelz


PU3 XT073



Butler Barley (SRW24) is quite beautiful with its large awns.

Butlzer Barley

Maris Wigeon Wheat (W54) has such large, stiff stems which is why it was historically used for thatching.

Solina Wheat (W75)

Monon Wheat (SRW18)



July 14th

What no rain?

Get started on the Danko Rye (R04)

Jezka Hladka Wheat (TC01)

Ostka Skomoroska Wheat (TC02)

Sandomierka Wheat (TC03)

Wintermalt Barley (B96)

Red Rock Wheat (SRW05)

MI Tall Wheat (W36)

Poltavka Wheat

Kastická Osinatká Wheat (W81)

WA 5841 Wheat (W79)

Largo Wheat (W76)

Sentiencium Jere Emmer (W84)

Jones Fife Wheat (W106)

July 13th

During light rain....  Banatka Wheat (W35) 

Catskill Barley (B82)

Lasko Triticale (XT07)

Lasko Triticale

Bokolo Triticale (XT05)

Szalkas Triticale (XT06)

OAC Wintri Triticale (XT03)

Volo Durum Wheat (DW08.f)



July 12th

During light rain....

Plainsman V Wheat (W57)

Red May Wheat (W60 & W88)

Turkey Red Wheat (W44)

Sirvinta Wheat (W51)

Red Clawson Wheat (W39)

Augusta Wheat (SWW01)


July 8th

During light rain....

Half of the Dutchess Barley (B84), if I would have waited another day or two, I'd cut it all at once, but, to hedge my bets against the endless rain... I took half.

Riley Wheat (SRW19)

Finished the Black Russian Barley (B89)

Finished the Fall Planted Sardinian (B27-F)


July 6th

Initial cutting of:

Largo Wheat (W76)

Monon Wheat (SRW18)

LaPorte Wheat (SRW17)

Dual Wheat (SRW12) 

Pelon Colorado (Oaxacan Strain) Wheat (W103)

more Wintermalt Barley (B96)


July 3rd

Abyssinian Winter Barley (B75) 

This beautiful barley suffered heavy lodging. I had no problem harvesting by hand. Since not every plant lodged, I will try increasing the spacing. It had extremely robust tilling.


Pulawski 6 Barley (B92)

Each plant had an amazing number of tillers like this:

Urbanowicki Barley (B95)

Harrison Barley (B87)

Besbar Barley (B77)

Wintermalt Barley (B96)


Fall Planted Sardinian Barley  (B27F)

Several years of selecting for survival, strong plants and performance have begun to pay off.  This year, the Fall Planted Sardinian appears to be able to out yield the spring planted. Today, I only harvested about 2% of the crop, selecting only the most ripe. The rest needs a few more days. 


July 2th

Finally, after what seemed like endless rain, I can begin harvesting again.

Black Russian Barley (B78) has amazing coloration.  It would make a fine decoration.

Schuyler Barley (B93) did very well.  Being tall, it stood over the weeds and ground cover.


Callao Barley (B80)

Hudson Barley (B88)

Dutchess Barley (B84)


June 24th

Pike Barley (B91) This six-row awned Barley developed in Indiana is useful for double cropping with soybeans.  I am thinking the timing is also appropriate for Gaspé Flint Corn as well.

Michigan Winter Barley (B89) Developed in 1914 at Michigan State by Frank A. Sprague, this 6-rowed barley has a 15.5% protein content.

Bai Chin Ke Barley (B76)



Kathleen Plunkett-Black thru Seed Savers Exchange (KP1)

This extremely early barley is called: Zou Xian Song Mang Da Mai Barley 



All of these barley varieties are 6-row, however, I also found 1 plant of 2-row barley as a rogue!    I will grow it out!


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