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Danko Rye

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Threshed hull-less Polish Danko Rye Seeds  ready for milling, rolling, enjoying whole, or planting
Fall-planted Danko Rye's long spikes with their graceful awns getting heavy with grain set - field view
Danko Rye Seeds, Poland, Polish
field of Danko Rye
Fall-planted Danko Rye tillers starting to form their long, awned spikes - field view
Fall-planted Danko Rye plants tillering and beginning to head - field view

(Secale cereale); Fall-planted

The Polish Plant Breeding Institute in Poznan, Poland developed Danko Rye in the mid-1970s with the primary purpose of milling to produce flour that features prominently in European style baking. As a whole grain, its large plump berries are favored by brewers and distillers.

We obtained our original seed stock when visiting with fellow farmers here in Michigan. 

The Alternative Field Crops Manual describes Dankowski Nowe (Danko): Medium yield, poor winter hardiness, late, medium height, and good lodging resistance. Very large predominantly green seed, high test weight. Developed by Dankow-Laski and Choryn experiment stations. Reported to be the leading variety in Poland. 

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a) 50 choice hand selected seeds
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c) 28 grams (1 ounce)

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