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Danko Rye

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Danko Rye Seeds, Poland, Polish

(Secale cereale)

The Polish Plant Breeding Institute in Poznan, Poland developed Danko Rye in the mid-1970's with the primary purpose of milling to produce flour.  We obtained this seed stock when visiting with fellow farmers here in Michigan.  Because rye will cross by wind pollination, we are debating whether to plant Danko or continue with Sangaste in the Fall.  

The Alternative Field Crops Manual indicates Dankowski Nowe (Danko): Medium yield, poor winter hardiness, late, medium height, and good lodging resistance. Very large predominantly green seed, high test weight. Developed by Dankow-Laski and Choryn experiment stations. Reported to be the leading variety in Poland. 

I have had no issues with winter kill in our Sangaste Rye.

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