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Tsiteli Doli Wheat

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Tsiteli Doli Wheat kernels

(Triticum aestivum var. ferrugineum); aka Caucasus Rouge (France); Soft Red (ferrugineum = red); Landrace; Awned; Fall-planted; Minimum 50 seeds

An excellent baking wheat, Tsiteli Doli thrives in poor or heavy soils, demonstrates good disease resistance, and is drought tolerant.

The Republic of Georgia is considered an origin of wheat. Due to its regionally diverse climate conditions and soils, landraces become endemic to an area. A line of Tsiteli Doli, Akhaltsikhis tsiteli doli is aboard Slow Food's Ark of Taste.

Limited quantity - only 1 pack per person. I will only ship one pack and will refund the additional packs. Why the limit? To allow as many growers as possible to enjoy this cultivar.

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