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Black Winter Emmer

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Black Winter Emmer's tan kernels threshed free from their black & brown awned spikes

(Triticum turgidum.dicoccon); aka Amidonnier Noir; Heritage - Centennial; Hulled; Awned; Fall-planted

Black Winter Emmer, known locally as Amidonnier Noir, was originally collected by Vilmorin-Andriex & Cie in France in 1903 and introduced to US farmers by the Department of Agriculture in 1904.

Mark Alfred Carleton, Cerealist in Charge of the Office of Grain Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, wrote extensively about Black Winter Emmer in his USDA Farmers' Bulletin 466 Winter Emmer November 4, 1911

Black Winter Emmer is a stunner in the garden - reaching over 5 feet, its amber straw carries majestic black & brown awned, dense, elliptical spikes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: our original seed stock came de-hulled which is not the natural state of emmer. We will upload a corrected photo shortly.

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