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Bokolo Triticale

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Beautifully awned spikes of winter triticale Bokolo - drooping heavy with grain set, near maturity - field view
Field view of a plot of Bokolo Triticale planted in the fall and ready for harvest
Long, slender yet plump Bokolo Triticale kernels threshed and ready for milling or planting

(x Triticosecale spp.); Awned; Fall-planted

Bokolo is a winter triticale cultivar developed by Duna-Tisza Kozi Mazoganazdasagi of Hungary's Kecskemét Experimental 1 Institute. It was donated to the USDA's National Small Grains Collection in 1973. Demonstrating good winter hardiness, Bokolo tillers impressively and tolerates weed pressure. Grain heavy, large, awned spikes thresh easily by hand.

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