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Berkeley Rock Wheat

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Berkeley Rock Wheat
Berkeley Rock Wheat
Berkeley Rock's soft red winter wheat kernels, threshed free from their awned spikes, ready for milling or planting

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage - Centennial; Soft Red Winter; Awned; a Michigan Connection variety; Minimum 25 seeds

Berkeley Rock is an awned soft red winter wheat cultivar developed in 1922 by Frank Azor Sprague of the Michigan State Agriculture Experiment Station. Lax fusiform spikes are held aloft on straw that purples as it matures. Spikes easily thresh cleanly by hand. Good winter hardiness.

Limited quantity - only 1 pack per person. I will only ship one pack and will refund the additional packs. Why the limit? To allow as many growers as possible to enjoy this cultivar.

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