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Progress of the Spring Grains

Scott H.

It's been a bit of a wait to see for the first big batch of wheat and barley planted on March 30th survived the rain, snow, freezing rain, sleet and more snow.  The answer is in:

spring wheat and barley planted March 30th

It's the earliest I've planted and off to a great start (ahead of the weeds).

Here is my Sardinian Barley 'seed plot':

I have another ~400 sq ft for experimental malting in a plot planted later.

My 2-row barley seed stock last year came from John Sherck who got them from a friend in Italy who obtained them from a shepherd friend on the island of Sardinia.   I have home brewed for years, but this season I want to try my hand at making 'malt' from the seeds I harvest.   Ultimately, I plan a brew-off between Sardinian, Bere and Full Pint.  John provides more of the story on his site.


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