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Progression of grain harvest: wheat & barley (2020)

Scott Hucker

Oldest entries at the bottom, latest harvest at the top.

July 28

Vicar Oats, all of them


July 24

Ground Cover Oat

Sin El Pheel Wheat (W15)

Marshal Wheat (W21), last of

Alaskian Fall (W89)

Globe Wheat (W12), last of

(W16), last of

(W14), last of

(W03), last of

(W04), last of

(W25-K), last of

(B12), last of

(B14), last of

Global Barley (B15), last of

Vicar Oats, first of

Terra Oats, last of


July 22

Ground Cover Oats


July 21

Ground Cover Oats

White Sonora Wheat (W01)

Milagre Wheat (W14)

Sin El Pheel Wheat (W15)

Huron Wheat (W17)

Len Wheat (W19), last of

Marhall Wheat (W21)

Emmer (W42-HGC)

Wase Shu Barley (B14)

Gopal Barley (B15)


July 20

Terra Oats


July 20

Yamhill Wheat (W45)

Dango Mugi Barley (B28), last

Emmer, Mix (W42)

Emmer, Blue (W42)

Emmer, Black (W42)

Emmer, White (W42) small

Emmer, White (W42) large


July 19

Sardinian Barley (B27)

Faust Barley (B07)

Valsergerste Barley (B44)

Mystery 2-Row

White (W42)

Pima Wheat (W11)

Baart Early Wheat(W18)

Red Fife Wheat (W25)

Red Fife Wheat (W25-K)



July 18

Huge Red Awned

Cemon W. Einkorn

Ble’ Dur Arcour Wheat    (W58?)

Kasticke Wheat (W81)

Viglassken Wheat (W78)

Fall Dark Einkorn (W41)

White Sonoma (W01), amazing size this year!

Cauasus, beautiful

Spelt (W43)

Sirvin Wheat (W51)

WA5841 Wheat (W79)

Vavilov Wheat (W87)

Fall White Einkorn (W41)

Read Wheat (W49)

Marshall Wheat (W21)

Winter Wheat (W68)

Ardene Spelt, Fall (W85)

Red Not Awned Tillers Greater than 20

Serra Wheat (W20)

Bacska Wheat (W77)

Khapli Emmer (B83)

SJ Einkorn (W84)

Karan 16 Barley (B03), last of

Karen 3 Barley (B12)

Masan Naked Barley (B29)

Wasa Shu Barley (B14)


July 17

Yamhill Wheat (W45)

Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat (W48)

Michigan Amber Wheat (W47)

Home Red Winter Wheat

The last 3 were really ready on the 15th, but, ran out of light.


July 16

It rained, but, the rest of the garden needed it...


July 15

Timopheevii Wheat (W56)

Solina Wheat (W75)

Winter Dinkel (W46)

MI Red Awned Wheat (W73)

Aki. Wheat (W88)

Len Wheat (W19)

Turkey Red Wheat (W44)

Banatka Wheat (W35), finished

Plainsman V Wheat (W57), finished

Masan Naked 1 Barley (B29)

Karan 3 Barley (B12)

Sumire Mochi Barley (B06)

Dango Mugi Barley (B28)

July 14

Sangaste Rye (R03)

Unterengadin Wheat (W52)

Banaka (W35)


July 13

Plainsman V Wheat (W57)

Michigan Short South Wheat (W38)

Banatka Wheat (W35)

Ukrainka Winter Wheat (W40)


July 12

Red Not Awned Wheat (W35)

Fulcaster Wheat 

Muenster Wheat (W50)


July 11

White Not Awned Wheat (W35)

Maris Wigeon Wheat (W54)

Red May Wheat (W60)

Jones Fife Wheat ()

 Wase Shu Barley (B14)


July 8

Fall Planted Sardinian Barley (B27), finished

Phoenix Wheat (W53), finished

Red May Wheat (W06), all at once due to birds]

Michigan Tall North Wheat



July 6

Wasu Shu Barley (B14)

Michigan South Short Wheat (W38)

Phoenix Wheat (W53)


 July 2

Fall Planted Sardinian Barley (B27)

Karan 16 Barley (B03)

Wasu Shu Barley (B14)


Note per Featured Image: As the grain is cut, the squash will be allowed to take over the wheat/barley stubble.

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