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Progression of Planting the Spring Grains (2022)

Scott Hucker

April 16, 2022

Goodness, last year I put the first seeds into the ground on the 4th!   Today is the 16th, I am just getting started!   It's been so 'wet'. A few days ago, I flail mowed the residue from some of last year's corn

 Prepare for spring grain planting

Today, I gave it a light tilling. I really would have like to have done that 2 weeks ago. 

April 27th

2nd tilling, decay of the plant residue is looking good.  Not too many 'weeds with strong roots' left.

April 30th

Power harrowed in the morning, then raked to prepare the seed bed.  I'm going to forgo my scribing of exact lines for row spacing, and use the wheel hoe and wing it to save a little bit of time.

All the rain has delayed planting several times.

 planting spring grains

 Put many new varieties into the ground and then it rained 0.11 inches last night.


Aka Komugi aestivum TAS113
Akhaltsikhis T.D. aestivum SRW32
Armavir aestivum TAS127
Bearded Squarehead aestivum TAS128
Fern April aestivum TAS129
Frassineto aestivum TAS115
Gentil Rosso aestivum TAS116
Kara Bugdai aestivum TAS117
Taganrog aestivum TAS131
Talavera aestivum TAS132
Mozart Oats avena O05
Scottish Chief avena OS24
Swan Oats avena O04
Swedish Black Oats avena OS25
Vicar Oats avena O02
Chernaya Persidsaya carthlicum TTC02
Vavilov's Persian Wheat carthlicum TTC03
Teremok compactum TC05
Tiroler Fruhe Binkel compactum TC06
Yaroslav Spring Emmer dicoccon TDS11
Kahla durum DWS25
Kubanka durum DWS27
Mindum durum DWS14
Rieti durum DWS29
Saragolla durum DWS30
Timilia durum DWS32
Velvet Don durum DWS33
Yellow Gharnovka durum DWS34
Baku & Popping Barley h.vulgare B65
Dolma Barley h.vulgare B46
Eizza Barley h.vulgare B61
Funny Joints h.vulgare BS109
Kleine Schwarze h.vulgare BS110
Lawina Barley h.vulgare B67
Lompoc Barley h.vulgare B66
Oo Wa Qing Ke h.vulgare BS111
Silver King h.vulgare BS112
Weinhenstephaner Schwarze h.vulgare BS113
Zhang Ye Chun Qing Ke h.vulgare BS114
Ispahan Emmer ispahanicum TIS02
Pest Ispahan Emmer ispahanicum TIS01
Assyrian Rye polonicum TPS06
Aristato Blanco timopheevii WZ03
Dandan-i-Shutur turanicum TTT02
Leventis turanicum TTT04
Sari Tuyi Tish turanicum TTT03
Elva turgidum TTS05
Maik Xpetropavlovskyi TXP01
Juan Triticale XT XTS02
Pisarev Triticale XT XTS03


Plus others, but I ran out of time to document here.



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