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Progression of grain harvest: wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale & rice (2022)

Scott Hucker

I use this kind of blog to remember all the things that I think I can remember, but can not!  This year I'll use the date of the first major harvest, so each grain ought to appear one time (except for those I forgot to type in).




July 26th

Mieri Bugdaj (TTT-06)

Cervena (TAS-100)

Armenian Black Pollard Wheat (TTC-04)  

Arabian Blue (BS-117)

Bere Barley (BS-08)

Blue Durum Wheat (DW-01)   check tag in plot

Chernaya Persidsaya Wheat (TTC-02)

Chiddam Blanc Wheat (TAS-133)

Dandan-i-Shutur Durum Wheat (TTT-02)

Elva Wheat (TTS-05)

Faust Barley (BS-07)

Fern April Wheat (TAS-129)

Kahla Durum Wheat (DWS-25)

Karan 3 Barley (BS-12)

Karan 351 Barley (BS-11)

Ispahan Emmer Wheat (TIS-02)

Kleiner Nackthafer Hull-less Oats (OS-09)

Len Wheat (W19)

Liberty Hull-less Oats (OS-10)

Mozart Hull-less Oats (OS-05)

Mentana Branco Spring Wheat (TAS-121)

Naked Food Barley 112-470 (BS-05)

Pearl Wheat (TAS-130)

Pisarev Triticale (XTS-03)

Saragolla Durum Wheat (DWS-30)

Talavera Wheat (TAS-132)

Timilia Durum Wheat (DWS-32)

Valsergerste Barley (BS-44)

Vicar Hull-less Oats (OS-02)

Yaroslav Spring Wheat (TDS-11)

Yellow Gharnovka Durum Wheat (DWS-34)


July 24th

Aka Komugi Spring Wheat (TAS-113)

Akhaltsikhis Tsiteli Doli Wheat (TAS-114)

Funny Joints Spring Barley (BS-109)

Gentil Rosso Wheat (TAS-116)

Scottish Chief Spring Oats (OS-24)

Terra Oats (OS-06)

Scottish Chief Spring Oats (OS-24)

Vavilov's Persian Wheat (TTC-03)

Velvet Don Durum Wheat (DWS-33)


July 23rd

Alaskan Fall Spelt (Einkorn) (TM-01)

Black Fall Emmer (TD-01-black)

Blue Fall Emmer (TD-01-blue)

Blanco de Corella Durum Wheat (DWF-17)

Mettes Rauhwizen Durum Wheat (DW-03)

Petaniel Noir Nice Durum Wheat (DWF-20)

Schwarzer Behaarter Winter Emmer (Einkorn) (TM-04)

White Fall Emmer (TD-01-white)


July 19th

The harvest of spring planted grains continues! (Not all links may work yet.)

Golden Emmer (TD-08)

Khapli Emmer (TDF-06)

Salzmunder Bartweizen Triticale (XT-04)


July 17th

At last, the harvest of spring planted grains has begun! (Not all links may work yet.)

Baku Barley (BS-65)

Kleine Schwarze Barley (BS-110)

Lompoc Barley (BS-66)

Ou Wa Qing Ke Barley (BS-111)

Schrene Barley (BS-51)

Silver King Barley (BS-112)

Swan Oats (O-04)

Swedish Barley (BS-69)

Thual Barley (BS-115)

Tibetan Rinpoche Barley (BS-116)

Trysilbygg Barley (BS-52)

Weihenstephaner Schwarze Nackte Barley (BS-113)

Zhukovsky's Wheat (ZW-04)

Zhang Ye Chun Qing Ke Barley (BS-114)


July 16th

Banatka Winter Wheat (W35)

Bacska Wheat (W77)

Bokolo Triticale (XT-05)

OAC Wintri Triticale (XT-03)

Polish Triticale (XT-10)

Rouge de Bordeaux Wheat (W48)

Schwarzer Winter Grannen Spelz (Spelt) (TS-05)

Turkey Red Wheat (W44)


July 15th

Kriek Bogda Durum Wheat (DW-19)

Saficha Durum Wheat (DW-21)

Sangaste Rye (R03)


July 13th

Kastická Osinatká Wheat (W81)

Michurinka Wheat (TT04)

Solina Wheat (W75)

Ukrainka Winter Wheat (W40)

Viglasska Wheat (W78)


July 12th

Akmolinka Wheat (W88)

Baldrock Wheat (SRW02)

Besbar Barley (BF-77)

Black Russian Barley (BF-78)

Black & Tan Sinskaya Naked Einkorn (TM-03)

Blackhawk Wheat (SRW-06)

Cervena Wheat (W100)

Fimbul Barley (BF-86)

Fulcaster (Awned) (SRW-01)

Fultz Wheat (SRW-28)

Gartons Early Cone Wheat (TT-03))

Georgian Winter Bread Wheat (HRW01)

Goldcoin Wheat (SWW-08)

Gruzia Macha Wheat (MAF-02)

Jezka Hladka Wheat (TC-01) 

Krimka Chongarka Wheat (W110)

LaPorte Wheat (SRW17)

Lasko Triticale (XT-07)

Letshchumicum Macha Wheat (MAF-04)

Michikof Wheat (HRW-06)

Michigan Red Awned (W73)

Red May Wheat (W72,W60)

Red Rock Wheat (SRW-05)

Schweinfurthii Wild Emmer (TD-10)

Fuggers Bachlenhauser Zucht Spelz (Spelt) (TS-07)

Unterengadin Wheat (W52)

Valivov Winter Wheat (TV01)

Volo Durum Wheat (DW-08)

WA 5841 Wheat (W79)

Yamhill Wheat (W45)


July 10th

Abyssinian Winter Barley (BF-75)

Club Wheat (general species)

Saranac Wheat (SWW-10)


July 6th

Phoenix Wheat (W53)

Sardinian Barley (BF-27)


July 4th

Some of earliest Hudson Barley (BF-88)

All of the remaining Wintermalt Barley (BF-96).  Wintermalt has excellent tillering behavior and doesn't seem to mind the weeds!

July 3rd

Michigan Winter Barley (BF-89)

Norline Winter Oats (OF-18)

Pennlan Winter Oats (OF-13)

Wintok Winter Oats (OF-21)


June 29th

As planned last fall, these 3 would ripen about the same time and allow me to try a second crop after the harvest.

Bai Chin Ke Barley (BF-76)


Pike Barley (BF-91) 

Pike Barley

I really like looking at the structure of Pike.

Tonsaru Barley (BF-106)

Burbank Black Hull-less Fall Barley (BF-79)



June 28th

Besbar Barley (BF-77)

Dan Barley (BF-83)

Zou Xian Song Mang Da Mai Barley (BF-98) 

We received samples of this seed from a fellow SSE grower at a seed conference in late 2019.   I had more winter kill than I expected from previous grow outs, or maybe this location had more rabbit pressure.  It's a hull-less seed, hence, very important as a source of human food!

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