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Red Rock Wheat

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Threshed kernelf of soft red winter wheat cultivar 'Red Rock' ready for milling, whole-grain enjoyment, or planting
Red Rock Wheat (on the right) 1923 USDA Bulletin 1074; Plate XLVL; Spike, Glumes, and Kernels
USDA Bulletin 1074 page 168 Fig. 66 - Outline map of a portion of the northern United States, showing the distribution of Red Rock Wheat in 1919. Estimated area, 216,000 acres.

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage - Centennial; Soft Red Winter; Awned; a Michigan Connection variety; Fall-planted

According to Ag Bulletin 1074, U.S. Department of Agriculture Issued November 8, 1922; revised August, 1923, Red Rock was the top wheat variety grown in Michigan in 1919 @195,400 acres for 22.1%. Pretty cool =)

Red Rock, from the work of F.A. Spragg, originated at the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station in Lansing as an individual kernel selected from Plymouth Rock, a white wheat. The first selection was fall planted in 1908 at the Ag Station. By 1914, 60 bushels were distributed to farmers, each receiving a bushel. The following year, 69 bushels were sent out to farmers, each again receiving a bushel. With its stiff straw, high yield and excellent grain characteristics, estimates indicate that in the fall of 1915, 1,000 bushels were sown throughout the state.

Red Rock is one of the cultivars that really impressed us in our 2020 fall planted plots.


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