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Red Rock Wheat

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Red Rock Wheat seeds
Red Rock Wheat (on the right) 1923 USDA Bulletin 1074; Plate XLVL; Spike, Glumes, and Kernels
USDA Bulletin 1074 page 168 Fig. 66 - Outline map of a portion of the northern United States, showing the distribution of Red Rock Wheat in 1919. Estimated area, 216,000 acres.

(Triticum aestivum); soft red winter; awned; a Michigan Connection variety; 1917

According to Ag Bulletin 1074, U.S. Department of Agriculture Issued November 8, 1922; revised August, 1923, Red Rock was the top wheat variety grown in Michigan in 1919 @195,400 acres for 22.1%. Pretty cool =)

Red Rock originated at the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station in Lansing as an individual kernel selected from Plymouth Rock, a white wheat. The first selection was fall planted in 1908 at the Ag Station. By 1914, 60 bushels were distributed to farmers, each receiving a bushel. The following year, 69 bushels were sent out to farmers, each again receiving a bushel. It is estimated that in the fall of 1915, 1,000 bushels were sown throughout the state.


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