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Progression of the 2022 corn planting and harvest

Scott Hucker

Gaspe Plot 3


Gaspe Plot 2


Gaspe Plot 1


Minnesota 13 Dent Corn


Johnny Dewlen Blue Dent Corn

Amish Mushroom Popcorn

A small plot planted on June 11 with dark black soil that tends to dry out and become crumble. 

Two weeks later on July 3rd, looking nice. Since this soil drys out so quickly, I'm mulching with newspaper and grass clippings.

 Amish Mushroom Popcorn



Polar Dent Corn (plot 2)

Planted the rest of the Polar on May 23rd.   


Cherry Parching Corn



Polar Dent Corn (plot 1)

Polar is known for its frost resistance, so, I made the first planting in mid-May, weeks before we'd normally plant corn.  Unfortunately for the corn, although we had several nights in the mid 30's F after emergence, we did not have any frost. 

Polar is being grown in 3 sub-groupings:

  • Yellow seed on red cobs
  • Yellow and White seed on Red cobs
  • Yellow and White seed on White cobs

I believe the yellow on red cobs to be the main theme, but, can not find any original documents from nearly 100 years ago to confirm that. 

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