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Progression of Planting the 2019 Spring Grains

Scott Hucker

April 24, 2019

I used a gap in the weather to measure and mark out and plant more wheat/barley plots. A few were varieties 'new' to me in their first grow out... others, I just desired to increase my seed stocks.



 Akmolinka Wheat (B88-Spr)

Alaska Spelt (W89)

Black Eagle Spring Wheat (W24)

Blue Durum Wheat (W68)

Ghirka Strain 1517 Wheat (W03)

Globe Strain 1506 Wheat (W12)

Huron Wheat (W17)

Hourani Wheat (W67-HGS Tall)

Japhet Wheat (W05)

Mauri Black-Awned Wheat (W13)

Milagre Wheat (W14)

Pacific Bluestem No 37 (W04)

Red Bobs Wheat (W06)

Spring Dinkel (W08)

Vavilov Wheat (W87)

White Sonora Wheat (W01)



Bere Barley (W08)

Gopal Barley (B15)

Karan 16 Barley (B03)

Karan 163 Barley (B02)

KSA 111-621 Barley (B19) 

Lawina Hulless Barley (B67)

Lompoc Barley (B66) 

Naked Food Barley 113-204 (B04)

Naked Food Barley 113-834 (B23)

Sardinian Barley (B27)



Terra Hulless Oats (O06) 



April 14, 2019

Another race with the weather, this morning, mid-April I found snow as I left for work:

Snow on the April Grains


Ardennes Spelt (W85)

Garnet Wheat (W63)

Japhet Wheat (W05)

Kamut Wheat (W65)

Khaphi Emmer (W83)

Lucile Emmer (W82)

Mauri Black Awned Wheat (W13)

Milagre Wheat (W14)

Polish Wheat (W62)

Purple Straw Mountain Blue Stem Wheat (W86)

Sentiencium Jere Emmer (W84)



Baku Barley (B65)

Clauson Barley (B60)

Chuiga Barley (B62)

Chushi Gangdruk Barley (B30)

Dango Mugi Barley (B28)

Eizzz Hulless Black Barley (B61)

Hulless Popping Barley (B64)

Kamamugi Barley (B64)

Sardinian (Barley B27)

Shelba Barley (B63)

Swedish Barley (B63)



April 10, 2019

Snow, sleet or rain is coming tonight, so, it was a race to plant the next plot.  Working together, we managed to move further down the to-plant list:


Ethiopian Barley (B31)

Karma Tibetan Barley (B09)

Kurtford Barley (B37)

Masan Naked 1 Barley (B29)

Purple Barley (B34)

Sumire Mochi Barley (B06 Purple)

Tibetan Purple Barley (B35)

Wasu Shu Barley (B14)



Baart Early (Wheat W18)

Huron Wheat (W17)

Marshall Wheat (W21)

Pacific Bluestem No 37 Wheat (W04)

Pima Wheat (W11)

Red Bobs Wheat (W06)

Tadina Wheat (W22)

Yavaros 73 Wheat (W23)



Nusso Oats (O07) <more of them> 


April 7 and 8th, 2019

The soil is 62 F about 1.5 inches down... so, from that point of view, I'm  behind last year as the soil was too damp to work.  Last year, I started planting March 30th. Today, it's 70 F and I'm a bit sunburned!  It will take me another week to finish...unless the rains slow me down.


Bere Barley (B08)

Faust Barley (B07)

Karan 16 Barley (B03)

Gopal Barley (B15)

Robust Barley (B01)

Sardinian Barley (B27)


Spring Wheats

Blue Durum Wheat (W68)

Ghirka 1517 Wheat  (W03)

Globe Wheat Strain 1506 Wheat (W12)

Hourani Wheat (W64 3 strains)

Milagre Wheat (W14)

Mirabella Wheat (W16)

Red Fife Wheat (W25 4 strains) 

Spring Dinkel (W08)




Hulless Oats (O01)

Mozzart Oats (O05)

Nusso Oats (O07)

Swan Oats (O04)

Terra Hulless Oats (O06)

Vicars Oats (O02)





Einkorn (W10)



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