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Versatility at its Sweetest!

Eleanor H.

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     black bean brownies in pan  black bean brownie

Hot from the oven – a perfect treat on a snowy day. What makes these yummy brownies extra special is that the main ingredient is not flour, but black beans! That's right, beans! While the ingredients were mixed with a hefty bit of skepticism, soon into baking, the enticing aroma of chocolaty goodness wafting from the oven eased my doubt and WOW! the baked result sure looked delicious... Eagerly cutting warm squares from the pan, confirmation came with the first bite. The brownies were just as hoped – moist, light and chocolaty, with a hint of nuttiness from the beans. A recipe that highlights the versatility of dry beans, we'll definitely make these delights again for ourselves and to share - it will be fun to see who can guess their healthy secret.

No Flour Bean Brownie Recipe



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