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Wow! A Field of Dreams- A Field of Beans!

Eleanor H.

Great Lakes Staple Seeds' bean lady checking out fellow enthusiast Kevin's heirloom crop on the Thumb's Sheridan Acres.

Over the years customers have contacted us seeking larger quantities of beans than what we can provide. This week we had the wonderful opportunity to meet fellow bean enthusiast Kevin of the Thumb's Sheridan Acres. Kevin represents the 4th generation to grow heirloom beans on his family's farm and after our visit I confidently recommend him as a source for those larger requests. In addition to touring a bean patch, we were treated to lunch featuring Kevin's cranberry beans - YUM! 

A big thank you to Nate and Katie of Jenness Farms our hosts for arranging the visit, the tour of their family maple sugar operation (with samples!) and the fabulous locally sourced meal.

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