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Ostka Skomoroska Wheat

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Ostka Skomoroska Club Wheat
Ostka Skomoroska Club Wheat
Chubby Ostka Skomoroska Club Wheat spikes mature and ready for harvest - field view
Golden, plump Ostka Skomoroska Club Wheat kernels threshed and ready for planting, milling, or whole-grain enjoyment

(Triticum aestivum.compactum); Heritage; Apically awnletted; Fall-planted; Minimum 50 seeds

Distinct from common bread wheat, Ostka Skomoroska is a club wheat (also known as hedgehog wheat or cluster wheat) cultivar developed in Poland and donated to the USDA in 1938 by J. Przyborowski of Krakow's Department of Plant Breeding. Spikes are characteristically dense and elliptical and thresh easily by hand. Winter hardy plants tiller well and are productive despite weed pressure.

Limited quantity - only 1 pack per person. I will only ship one pack and will refund the additional packs. Why the limit? To allow as many growers as possible to enjoy this cultivar.

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