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Tomàquet de Penjar Tomato

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Tomàquet de Penjar Tomato
Tomàquet de Penjar Tomato
Penjar Tomato
Banyalbufar Tomato in mid December

(Solanum lycopersicum); Landrace; Indeterminate; Minimum 20 seeds

Tomàquet de Penjar tomatoes are a small-fruited traditional landrace cultivated in northeast Spain. Penjar is Catalan for "to hang up" which is typically how locals store this ramallet tomato - in clusters under eaves on an enfilall.

Robust plants are generously productive through first frost and appreciate strong support. In addition to its intended use as a storage tomato, Penjar is sumptiously satisfying fresh and in salads.

Pa amp Tomàquet de Penjar (shown) is a fabulous treat on a blustery day.

The trio of wrinkled tomatoes were harvested early October and photographed 14 December. Harvested red, they were kept in a single layer in a cardboard box (think big-box store fruit box) in a cool location.

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