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6-Rowed Barley

Karan 16 Barley

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Karan 16 Barley seeds (Karan-16)
Karan 16 Barley
Karan 16 Barley
Karan 16 Barley
Karan 16 Barley

(Hordeum vulgare var. nudum); Barley; Spring planted; Hulless; a variety from The Kusa Seed Society Collection; see drop-down menu for packet sizes.

Karan 16 was developed in India decades ago as a fast-maturing, productive variety to feed its growing population. Characteristics bred into Karan 16 include high protein grains on short (12-14 inch) plants that are sturdy and vigorous in tillering.

When planted in SE Michigan in mid-April, Karan 16 is quick to emerge even when we've had cold weather.

Three packets options, minimum:

a) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed

b) 28 grams /  1 ounce of seed

 c) 50 choice hand selected seeds

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