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Awned Barley

Black Russian Barley

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Black Russian Barley
Black Russian Barley
Black Russian Barley
An awned spike of Black 6-rowed Russian Barley near maturity- field view
Awned 6-rowed Black Russian Barley spikes near maturity - field view
seeds of Black Russian Barley

(Hordeum vulgare); 6-rowed; Heritage - Centennial; Landrace; Hulled; Awned; Fall-planted

A landrace originally collected in the spring of 1910 in Tiflis, Caucasus near Tbilisi Georgia, Black Russian Barley is historically grown as a winter feed grain for horses. Plants tiller productively and tolerate moderate weed pressure. Straw is strong. With its awns, black hulls, and purple tinged stalks, Black Russian Barley is highly ornamental.

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