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Yukihikari Lowland Rice

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Yukihikari Lowland Rice seeds

(Oryza sativa); Landrace; Awnless; Minimum 50 seeds

Yukihikari loosely translates as "snow light" and heralds its tolerance for the colder season of its native Hokkaido Japan. A short grain brown glutinous rice, it is known for its wonderful rich flavor and intense aromatic qualities.

Considered a lowland rice, we grow Yukihikari as an upland rice in our wetter part of the garden.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, rice seed is hulled. Rice is planted in its hull but after harvest, that hull must be removed before eating. De-hulling rice is not easily achieved by hand, requiring mechanical assistance such as the Brill De-huller or an electric de-huller.

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