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Rosso di Lucca Bean

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Rosso di Lucca Bean

(Phaseolus vulgaris); aka Lucca Red Bean; Heritage; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Bush bean; Dry bean; Minimum 20 seeds

Sturdy bushes are prolific in our Michigan garden, yielding heavy harvests of long, slender pods housing 5-6 beans each. The gorgeous, oblong, rose-colored gems patterned in burgundy accents are so cherished in Tuscany they are honored with the Slow Food Ark of Taste denominación de origin designation (Slow Food Presidia Lucca Red Bean.) A culinary "upscale" to kidney beans, these flavorful pantry staples are delicous in hearty soups or pasta e fagioli and savored on their own with olive oil, sea salt and sage or garlic. For a translation of an inspiring description of the traditional cooking method, click here.

Our 2023-2024 Rosso di Lucca bean inventory is from ninth generation stock grown on our homestead.

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