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Fall Planted Barley

Fall Planted Sardinian Barley

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Fall Planted Sardinian Barley has excellent resistance to lodging
Fall Planted Sardinian Barley (close up of heads)
Fall Planted Sardinian Barley (bundle of grain)
heads heavy with grain (barley)
Robust tiller development
Fall Planted Sardinian Barley

(Hordeum vulgare); 2-rowed; Heritage; Landrace; Awned; Facultative - fall planted

2021 is our 3rd season of growing a selected line of our Sardinian Barley.  At last, winter hardiness is assured.  Yield this season was greater than our spring planted plot, but, it did get the nicer soil. 

This is the fall planted line of our regular spring-planted Sardinian Barley.  The spring strain yields a larger harvest, however, the fall planted was harvested 17 days earlier.   

Perhaps in a season with very poor spring planting conditions, the benefit of planting barley in the fall will be more striking.

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