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Fall Planted Durum Wheat

Volo Durum Wheat

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Threshed Volo Durum Wheat kernels ready for planting or milling for pasta making

(Triticum turgidum.durum); Heritage - Centennial; Hard White; Awned; Facultative - fall planted; Minimum 50 seeds

Volo Durum is a heritage cultivar originally collected by Germany's Haage & Schmidt (Erfurt) and donated to the USDA in 1904. Established July 1, 1864, the seed company was once heralded as the "one of the largest, if not the largest" commercial nursery in Europe before being completely destroyed in the Second World War.

Black and white awned spikes are held aloft on robust winter hardy tillers of strong straw. Listed as facultative, this is the fall-planted line.

Limited quantity - only 1 pack per person. I will only ship one pack and will refund the additional packs. Why the limit? To allow as many growers as possible to enjoy this cultivar.


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