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Duborskian Upland Rice

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Sun ripened Duborskian Upland rice grains golden in their hulls on full panicles recently harvested
Duborskian Upland Rice cut, bundled and ready for hanging
Direct Seeded Duborskian Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Rice (seeds)
Duborskian Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice
Duborskian Upland Rice

(Oryza sativa); Upland variety

Duborskian is a short grain Russian rice variety which produces well in the Great Lakes region. An upland rice, it does not require flooding. Our experience in southeast Michigan finds Duborskian very hardy with some frost tolerance. Our stock comes from a multigenerational line of direct-seeded plants.

Please use the drop-down menu to select from the packet options, minimum:

a) 7 grams

b) 28 grams (1 ounce)

c) 113 grams (quarter pound)

d) 50 choice hand selected seeds

Our rice selection is limited because we are focusing on creating lines of direct seeded rice here at 1000 ft in Southeast Michigan. For an expansive collection of varieties grown in nothern Indiana, please visit our friend John's Sherck Seeds.

Seeds weigh 3.2 grams per 100 seeds

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind, rice seed is hulled. Rice is planted in its hull but after harvest, that hull must be removed before eating. De-hulling rice is not easily achieved by hand, requiring mechanical assistance such as the Brill De-huller or an electric de-huller.


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