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Sin El-Pheel Wheat

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Sin El-Pheel Wheat
Sin El-Pheel Wheat
Sin El-Pheel Wheat
Sin El-Pheel Wheat
Sin El Pheel wheat seed

(Triticum turgidum subsp. polonicum); spring wheat; awned; hulled; a variety from The Kusa Seed Society Collection; Minimum 25 seeds

Sin El Pheel belongs to a distinctly different botanical group from common wheat, the Polish wheat class (polonicum)

A landrace tracing its roots to ancient Iraq, Sin El-Pheel excels as a culinary wheat variety for pasta and breads. Exceptionally large grain heads with their distinctive kernels adorn the sturdy tillers.

Criteria Value
distance between plants 9 inches
distance between rows 9 inches
final plant height 29 inches
heads per plant 1
seeds per head 40
weight per 100 seeds 4.7 grams
length of head 76 mm
awned / awnless awned
hulled / hulless hulled


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