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Sangaste Rye

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Sangaste Rye, Estonian
Sangaste Rye
Sangaste Rye
Sangaste Rye on June 9 2020
Sangaste Rye
Sangaste Rye
Sangaste Rye

(Secale cereale); 

The seed for this heritage rye came to thru John Sherck to received it from an Estonian friend.  Sangaste Rye is a bedrock staple of Estonia’s past. Here are some interesting historical photos.  Today it is used for making bread and vodka. It is considered to be one of the oldest cultivated variety of Rye in the world. This restaurant in Southern Estonia where the entire menu is devoted to Sangaste Rye.

The heavy heads droop as seen in the pictures and tend to stand about 5 to 6 foot tall.  I have been selecting for large heads that are heavy with seeds.  The harvest in July 2020 has been looking very nice.  I expect to be able to offer more packet options for Fall Planting.

Packet options, minimum:

  • 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed

  • 28 grams

  • 50 choice hand selected seeds

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