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Silversheaf Wheat

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Silversheaf spike & kernels - USDA Bulletin 1074 Plate XLIII
Silversheaf Wheat
The USDA's ID card for A.N. Jones' Silversheaf wheat
Silversheaf Wheat
awned heads of Silversheaf Wheat
seeds of Silversheaf Wheat

(Triticum aestivum); aka Jones' Silver Sheaf Longberry Red; Heritage - Centennial; Soft Red; Awned; Facultative - fall-planted; Minimum 25 seeds

Another of A.N. Jones' releases, Silversheaf was first offered by New York Seedsman Peter Henderson & Co. in his Autumn 1903 catalog. Lax fusiform spikes are awned, held aloft on strong straw, and thresh easily of their plump grains. Mr. Henderson promised of Silversheaf it will be "the leading fancy milling wheat." A facultative cultivar, this is a fall-planted line. Red Wave and Jones Fife are two other cultivars released by A.N. Jones.

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