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Midwest Renewable Energy Solutions

Midwest Renewable Energy Solutions is owned and operated by Dr. Scott Hucker. His 30+ years of professional engineering experience began as a graduate student at Purdue University teaching undergraduate engineering laboratory courses while performing technical research; additionally, Scott completed five rotations as a NASA co-op at Johnson Space Center. Since earning his Ph.D., Scott is employed at a Big3 automotive company as an engineer responsible for manufacturing project execution and specialized problem solving (do it faster, cheaper & better). During his eight-year tenure as an ISP (international service personnel) in China, Scott was directly responsible for the build and launch of several $250M engine factories. Upon his return from China, Scott assumed the role of Technical Specialist for the high-volume manufacturing of crankshafts, camshafts and connecting rods, the position he currently maintains. 

Scott is a skillful technical communicator, excelling at project cost estimations and peer coaching problem solving. Adept at working with a diverse set of colleagues, he is routinely chosen for special assignments to solve quality and throughput problems outside his regular area of responsibility and expertise. The most unique example of this versatility is his dedicated participation during the early stages of COVID in a successful joint project with a medical device company to expand their ventilator production from 5 per day to +400 units per day within a 30-day time requirement. 

Scott’s ability to synthesize effectively non-automotive technical knowledge extends to his personal life. In 2014-2015, Scott researched and designed the grid-tie hybrid rooftop solar system (14.1 kW of panels generating an average 42 kWh per day with a lithium battery storage capacity of 25 kWh) that was installed for his residence in 2015 by local solar energy company. He performs all maintenance, system tuning, and upgrades to the system; additionally he has had the opportunity to consult with the local solar company on a project implementing the same grid-tie hybrid concept he designed for his home.

Keen to remain informed with current developments in renewable energy technology, specifically the realm of home solar use that includes EVs (the family's orange 2017 Bolt EV, affectionately named Juice, was the one of the first sold in Michigan), Scott is a regular contributor on the various online solar / renewable energy forums to topics including V2H (vehicle to house) and combined vehicle / house power systems. 

Drawing on Scott's decades of extensive and diverse engineering experience, Midwest Renewable Energy Solutions will provide technical consulting services and support for residential renewable energy systems, with a focus on solar and grid-tie hybrid projects. Details are in progress...

The current grid-tie hybrid system in operation at Scott's residence:

See our outreach presentation on this system for more details.