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Pastella Recipes

Pastella with seeds



Pastella scooped clean

Two recipes:

Both start with peeling it and cutting into pieces 3 by 3 chunks. We split them open with a Two-Handed Cheese Knife (google it) as the rinds are very tough. To peel them, we use a knife to get started like this:

peeling the Pastella

and then spoon it apart.

1) Compote:  Put the peeled pastella into a pot with enough water to cover it, add brown sugar and cinnamon sticks. Let it boil for an hour or so over low heat.  Serve it hot or cold.  Some add more water, ice and pineapple chucks. Since we grow Ground Cherries, that was a suitable substitute for pineapples in Michigan in February.  

2) Candied:  Put the peeled pastella into a pot with water and pickling lime for 3 hours, rinse it very well, double your simple syrup, boil your squash with the syrup and boil it for 2 hours, over low heat.