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Minnesota Amber Sorghum

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Minnesota Amber Sorghum (Black Amber)
Minnesota Amber Sorghum (Black Amber)
Minnesota Amber Sorghum Seeds (Ames Amber)
Minnesota Amber Sorghum (Ames Amber)

(Sorghum bicolor); Minimum seeds: 7 grams (1/4 oz) 

It appears that Minnesota Amber Sorghum is also known as Black Amber, Ames Amber, Waconia Amber, Dakota Amber and Early Amber.  The seeds are a rich dark black color.

Sorghum is a versatile crop and is historically grown as a sweetener, especially during times of economic hardship.  It is mention in this 1941 Iowa State University report as suitable for syrup production in Iowa.  Our current favorite, Rox Orange is also known as Waconia Orange.  We are exploring this line as an alternative suitable for the Great Lakes region.

Resources we've found useful in our sorghum syrup adventures are listed in the Rox Orange entry.

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