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Arnautka Fall Durum Wheat

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Threshed free from their hulls, Arnautka Durum's hard white kernels are plump
awned heads of Arnautka Fall Durum Wheat

(Triticum turgidum.durum); aka Goose, Wild Goose, Nicaragua, and Pierson; Heritage - Centennial; Hard White; Awned; Facultative - fall planted; an Ontario Connection cultivar; Minimum 25 seeds

According to the 1923 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farmers' Bulletin 1304, Arnautka was first imported to the U.S. in 1864. It soon became the most widely grown durum variety, known for its hard white kernels.

This line was originally collected in 1900 in Cambray Ontario by W. Beachman. Arnautka's strong straw resists lodging.


Limited quantity - only 1 pack per person. I will only ship one pack and will refund the additional packs. Why the limit? To allow as many growers as possible to enjoy this cultivar.

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