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Ba Yi Qi Grain Sorghum (Milo)

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Ba Yi Qi Sorghum ready for harvest
Ba Yi Qi Sorghum nearly ready for harvest
sorghum  ba yi qi     ba ye qi
Ba Yi Qi (Ba-Yi-Qi) Sorghum
Ba Yi Qi Sorghum    sorghum  ba yi qi     ba ye qi

(Sorghum bicolor)

Ba Yi Qi Sorghum (Ba-Yi-Qi) is often described as the earliest grain sorghum available. It is the first to bloom for us. The stalks are not sweet enough for making syrup, it was bred for grain production. This strain puts its energy into making large seeds. The stems are not as robust our syrup varieties so a small amount of lodging happens. The grain in China is used to make alcohol. 

When the grain heads were ready to cut, the stalks picked up amazing bright red accents and would make a unique Fall decoration.  

I see this variety called both Ba Ye Qi and Ba Yi Qi.  Ba being the word for '8' and some descriptions mention 8 leaves (I'll have to check next year!).  Having lived in China, I wonder if the name is really Bai Yi Qi because it's used to make 


Báijiǔ which can be an extremely strong grain alcohol (think Everclear).

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