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Black-eyed Marrowfat Pea

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Black-eyed Marrowfat Pea

(Pisum sativum); aka Black-eyed Susan; Heritage - Centennial; Climbing; Late season; Minimum 20 seeds

Richmond Indiana Seedsman E.Y. Teas, described in the June 15th, 1905 The Weekly Florists' Review as "the oldest nurseryman in Indiana, ... certainly on of the oldest in the country, for he began in 1847," offered this variety in his 1872 Descriptive Catalogue 1872 as a "much esteemed" late pea.

In her column, Mother Bee asked this in the February 21, 1948 Rural New Yorker "What has become of the old blackeyed marrowfat pea that my father used to sow broadcast? When ripe he mowed, threshed and winnowed the dry peas and Mother used to stew them with salt pork"

Robust vines require good support - easily topping their 6-ft trellis. Pods average six plump marrowfat peas with a characteristic fine black spot on the hilum. A wonderful source of sweet, tasty pantry staples perfect for soup season.

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