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Carlin Pea

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Dry golden-speckled Carlin pea seeds with pod

(Pisum sativum); aka Carling Pea; Heirloom; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; Climbing pea; Dry pea; Minimum 20 seeds

This English heirloom from the Elizabethan era is a vigorous climber in our Michigan garden, easily dominating a 6-foot trellis. The abundance of gorgeous pink and rose blooms give rise to a copious number of pleasingly plump pods. Primarily grown as a dry pea, allow the pods to dry on the vine. Shelling the golden speckled peas from their pods is easy. The dry peas are an excellent addition to your pantry staples.

Please read about the fascinating story of Carlin peas on its Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity page or in Mother Earth News' article Heirloom Pea Varieties.

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