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Decorative Corn

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Decorative Corn
Red and Yellow Flint Corn Ears

(Zea mays); a Homestead series cultivar; 90-120 days

This ornamental long-eared selection is chosen for use as festive natural decorations or for colorful wildlife food. A mix of dent and flint, its kernels are a speckling of purples, blues, white with a few yellows. To provide some gorgeous red or yellow ears, we've included kernels from New York Red Flint Corn and Homestead Yellow Flint Corn. As these kernels are hard, in a pinch this mix is a good reserve for home-ground cornmeal.

But, but, but, this isn't a staple you say! I'd posit that these natural beauties inspire happiness that nourishes the soul, which is equally as important as sustaining the body.


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