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Devil's Claw

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Devils Claw seed pods
Devils Claw Pod Emerging like a Sea Creature
Devils Claw with Seed Emerging
Devils Claw with Emerging Seed
Devil's Claw
Devil's Claw Seeds (close up view)

(Proboscidea parviflora var. hohokamiana); Minimum 10 seeds

Traditionally grown in the desert Southwest for pods that are used in basketry, we grow Devil's Claw because its seeds are oil and protein rich and its immature fruits are edible, steamed before they get woody. No maintenance plants thrived in a dry spot with soil that is high in clay. Quirky cute blossoms yielded slightly fuzzy pods that when dried, shed their pod layer to reveal the claw.

Plants require warm soils (think squash warm) and seeds germinate best when gently peeled from their protective coats.

Limited quantities - 1 packet per customer

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