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Dicoff's Yellow Tomato

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Dicoff's Yellow Tomato
sliced Dicoff's Yellow Tomato
Dicoff's Yellow Tomato hollows out nicely for stuffing

(Solanum lycopersicum); an Indiana Connection variety; Indeterminate; Globe; Orange; Regular leaf; Mid season; Minimum 25 seeds

Dicoff's Yellow is a wonderful juicy sweet orange globe tomato, the namesake of Thomas Dicoff of Zionsville, Indiana. Seeds for this variety entered the collection of J.M. Hartman & Daughters Seed Company in 1980. Vines trellis well, reaching 4 feet to bear medium sized fruits in clusters up to six. Dicoff's Yellow cheery orange globe fruits mature mid season weighing in at 4-8 ounces. Juicy, with a hint of citrus, they are low in acidity. Fasciation (cat-facing) is rare, as is blossom end rot.

Roasted and sauced, it is gloriously orange, a fabulously flavorful topping for homemade pizza or even a galette. Thick walled with a center that comes out rather cleanly, Scott thinks they'd be good stuffed.

A note for seed savers - Dicoff's blossoms have stigma that are highly inserted, reducing their exposure to cross-contaminating pollen.

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