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Wheat (1901) Emmer: A Grain for the Semiarid Regions

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Wheat (1901) Emmer: A Grain for the Semiarid Regions

Farmers' Bulletin No. 139 by Mark Alfred Carleton; 1901

Introduction:  During the last three or four years considerable interest has been
manifested in the cultivation of emmer in this country, although the
grain had been grown in an experimental way for some time previ-
ously. . The special attention given to this cereal in recent years, and
which is apparently increasing, is probably due to three different
causes: (1) Its introduction into the Dakotas from Russia by the Ger-
man-Russian farmers; (2) the extraordinary extent to which it has
been advertised by several prominent seedsmen, and (3) the introduc-
tion in considerable quantity of some of the best Russian seed by this
Department in 1898 and its distribution through a number of the
experiment stations. Already the results of the trials of this grain
have been so successful, especially in. North and South Dakota, as to
warrant the opinion that it may become one of our permanent crops
for stock feeding.

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