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Globe Wheat Strain 1506

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Globe Wheat Strain 1506 head
Globe Wheat Strain 1506 seeds
Globe Wheat Strain 1506
Globe Wheat Strain 1506
Globe Wheat Strain 1506 tillering

(Triticum.aestivum.sphaerococcum); spring wheat; awned; a variety from The Kusa Seed Society Collection; Minimum 50 seeds

Globe Wheat Strain 1506 is in a botanical group, the Indian Dwarf Wheat group, distinct from common wheat. With origins in northwestern India and southern Pakistan, the species is considered an ancient wheat and was a main crop grown by ancient Indian cultures before the Green Revolution introduced modern wheats to the area.

A flour wheat popular in pre-industrial colonial India, the small distinctive kernels of this variety are indeed spherical. Globe Wheat Strain 1506 is prolific through vigorous tillering, bearing beautiful awned heads held aloft on numerous erect, sturdy stems. Fast germination and emergence of the seeds benefit the plants that grow to 24 inches and do not mind crowding.

Criteria Value
distance between plants 5 inches
distance between rows 12 inches
final plant height 20 inches
heads per plant 2
seeds per head 40
weight per 100 seeds 2.9 grams
length of head 60 mm
awned / awnless awned
hulled / hulless hulless


Two packets options, minimum:

a) 7 grams / 1/4 ounce of seed

b) 50 choice hand selected seeds

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