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Hussli Tomato Pepper

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Hussli Tomato Pepper

(Capsicum annuum); heritage - centennial variety; a Slow Food Ark of Taste variety; a Wisconsin Collection variety; Minimum 20 seeds

This pepper arrived in the United States around 1912 when Joe Hussli emigrated from Hungary. Originally, the Hussli family sold the pepper green, so its seeds were not yet viable, to their neighbors in and around Beaver Dam Wisconsin. Thick walled, the sweet, mildly spicy peppers are known for an exceptional juiciness eaten fresh. When picked firm fully green or just starting to redden, the peppers are great pickles. Allow the peppers to mature to their full crimson red, they are fantastic additions to soups and stews.

Please see Slow Food's page on the Hussli Tomato Pepper.


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