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Pacific Bluestem No. 37 Wheat

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Pacific Bluestem No. 37 Wheat seed
Pacific Bluestem No 37 wheat seeds

(Triticum aestivum); Heritage; Spring wheat; Soft to Semi-hard White; Beardless / Awnless; a variety from the Kusa Seed Society Collection; Minimum 25 seeds

With origins in the White Lamma variety of England, Pacific Bluestem #37 was introduced in Australia as White Lammas during the early years of that country's wheat production. First sown in the US in California in the early 1850's, it was extensively grown, spreading to Washington and Oregon.  It was once considered the best milling and baking wheat in the Pacific Northwest. Our original seed stock came from Kusa.

Pacific Bluestem #37's beardless heads are erect and squared, tapering slightly at the tip. Its white-yellow chaff is smooth, stiff, wide and difficult to break. Kernels are medium sized.

Criteria Value
distance between plants 6 inches
distance between rows 11 inches
final plant height 31 inches
heads per plant 2
seeds per head 32
weight per 100 seeds 1.7 grams
length of head 95 mm
awned / awnless awnless
hulled / hulless hulless


Three packets options, minimum:

a) 7 grams  (1/4 ounce) of seed taken from select heads

b) 28 grams (1 ounce) of seed taken from the general harvest

c) 50 choice hand selected seeds

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