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Pera Tipo Cosentino Tomato

Great Lakes Staple Seeds

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Half a red ripe round Pera Tipo Cosentino Tomato, stuffed, baked, and topped with melted cheese
Five vine ripened red slightly fluted Pera Tipo Cosentino Tomatoes recently picked, washed and ready for enjoyment
A red ripe Pera Tipo Cosentino Tomato cut in half highlighting its open structure that makes it perfect for stuffing
A red ripe Pera Tipo Cosentino Tomato half stuffed with a cold savory summer salad

(Solanum lycopersicum); Indeterminate; Red; Globe; Regular leaf; Mid-season; Minimum 25 seeds

Cosentino is in Italy's Calabria region. More a spontaneous addition to my 2022 tomato trials, I haven't had luck finding its history; regardless, this slightly fluted globe tomato certainly proved itself worthy. Great stuffed!

Plants appreciate at least a 5 foot trellis.

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