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Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya Pea

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Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya Pea
Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya pea blossom
Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya Pea

(Pisum sativum); Heirloom; Climbing pea; Soup pea; Minimum 20 seeds

A soup pea of Ukrainian heritage, this "Chickpea of the North" is known for its robust plants that produce soup peas of a rich and deeply satisfying flavor. A proliferation of white flowers on 5.5 foot vines give way to plump pods that when dry yield an average of six large, cream colored round peas each. As suggested by their nickname, these peas are good substitutes in chickpea recipes.

Update August 14 2020:

Today I received a letter from a gentleman in New York that grew our Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya (AVU) peas this season. He originally contacted me seeking an alternative for chickpeas after a "four year flirtation" with them that left him frustrated. AVU's reputation as a "Chickpea of the North" caught his attention. Happily our AVU peas did not disappoint!

He reports harvesting the plump dry peas 90 days from seed to seed. Growing them on 5 ft mesh he harvested a little over 2 pounds from a 17 ft row for a projected yield calculation of 30 bushels an acre - "not too shabby for a hot and dry season." As to if Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya peas meet the expectations of their "Chickpea of the North" fame, Jerry used them in his hummus recipe, pronouncing their flavor "the equal" of chickpeas and "superior" to the half-runner bean he'd been using as substitutes.

We as a family appreciate and love Amplissimo Viktoria Ukrainskaya peas as worthy members of our gardens. It is wonderful to hear from a fellow gardener of its success grown in New York. Thank you Jerry for sharing your report. And thank you for the sprig of beautiful Azul statice!

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